‘My father donated his kidney to save my life — and when that failed, my mother donated hers’

Trudy Hayes talks about how she went from a busy life to organ failure in the blink of an eye. Now she urges everyone to consider organ donation, so that others may be given a second chance at a full and happy life

Trudy Hayes, who had a double transplant, is celebrating her new kidney's 10-year anniversary. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Liadan Hynes

Hairdresser Trudy Hayes was living an extremely busy life in her early twenties. But in 2007, she began experiencing the signs of what turned out to be organ failure. “When I started to get these headaches all the time, I kind of just put them to the back burner. We were always on to the next thing, so I just took paracetamol and got on with it. I guess at the time I probably should have taken more heed, because they were the early warning signs that something wasn’t right.”