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Molly returns home following transplant


Molly McNally

Molly McNally

Molly McNally

The bravest little girl in Balbriggan is home at last after spending six weeks in an isolation ward in hospital as she battled back to health after a life-saving bone marrow transplant.

Little Molly McNally (6) has captured the hearts of everyone in Fingal as she continues to fight against a rare form of childhood cancer and readers will be delighted to know that the little Balbriggan girl has cleared a huge hurdle in her battle after a successful and miraculous transplant.

It was the toughest test yet for the ever-smiling Molly and her extraordinary family, as her dad, Gerry told the Fingal Independent. 'She's very glad to be home. Molly spent 43 days in isolation in the same kind of room and to be truthful, it did get her down a bit and she has been quiet in herself.

'The first week she went through 17 rounds of high-dose chemotherapy and then there was 10 days of some very tough going - her little body was just totally wiped out.'

It wasn't easy for her family to watch the normally good-humoured Molly go through such a difficult time and Gerry said nothing could have prepared them for the ordeal.

'It's one thing being told what could happen but when you go through it and actually witness it, it's not easy at all,' Gerry said.

But the one thing about the whole McNally family is that they are relentlessly positive about the challenges they and little Molly face and Gerry said: 'It has been tough going but slowly but surely, Molly has battled her way back and still, she never complains - not once.'

The courageous little girl from Balbriggan arrived home last week and is visiting Crumlin hospital twice a week to monitor her blood counts and make sure her she is now producing her own blood cells.

The miraculous operation used marrow grown from six million of Molly's own stem cells in a laboratory in London which were frozen and transported to Crumlin Hospital in two plastic bags where the procedure took all of 26 minutes.

With the transplant, Molly's treatment has cleared a 'massive hurdle', according to Gerry who said his daughter will now undergo radiation therapy next month then several months of a new 'immuno' therapy at Crumlin before, hopefully gaining remission and heading to the United States to have experimental treatments to keep the cancer at bay.

Gerry wanted to thank all the staff of Crumlin Hospital whose 'attention and care for Molly was second to none' and all the well-wishers and supporters the family know and appreciate are willing Molly on to a full recovery.

Molly is now at home and her reward for going through all she has endured in the last six weeks?

Well, all she wanted was a goldfish and now she's got one and her name is Chloe - the start of a beautiful friendship, no doubt.

A major fundraising event for the Molly McNally Miracle Trust is coming up in Swords on April 24 at Forest Little Golf Club.

To play or donate a prize to the event, contact Liam Fennell at 0872664149. Keep your eyes peeled too for an upcoming white collar boxing event in Balbriggan for Molly, scheduled to take place in May at the Bracken Court Hotel.

You can find out more about Molly at mollymcnallymiracletrust.com and you can donate directly to the cause by texting MOLLY to 57802.

A text costs €2 and at least €1.38 will go directly to the Trust.

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