Wednesday 17 October 2018

‘It’s time to start weighing kids in school’- Dr Eva Orsmond

Dr Eva Orsmond. Picture: Douglas O'Connor
Dr Eva Orsmond. Picture: Douglas O'Connor

Children should be weighed in school to help tackle Ireland’s obesity crisis, according to Dr Eva Orsmond who believes Ireland will be the fattest country in Europe without government intervention.

The former Operation transformation star revealed that the government needs to take the country’s weight more seriously and urged government ministers to slim down to set a good example.

“First of all, children should be weighed every year in school,” Dr Eva told The Sunday World.

“It would be done with medical personnel and kept confidential. If you started doing that for children, they will bring the message home and influence the adults. It is the cheapest way to increase awareness and the first step to prevention.”

The expert believes a sugar tax will do little to ease the crisis and said investment in home economics should be a government focus.

“I don’t believe the sugar tax is a solution. What we need is education. We are still teaching people the wrong food pyramid.”

Dr Eva revealed that many Irish people are in denial about their weight problems.

“There are a lot of people who are two stone heavier who think they are a normal weight. There are a lot of young girls out there who think they are just voluptuous.

“Sorry, if your waistline from your bellybutton around is more than half your height you have excess fat and you can’t be healthy,” she said.

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