Tuesday 23 October 2018

Irish woman who shifted 13 stone- 'I didn't think they would have a weighing scale that could hold me'

Myles Buchanan

A Wicklow woman who managed to shed over 13 stone in just 15 months has spoken of the 'wake-up call' she received which prompted her to totally change her lifestyle.

Carol Ann Curley has Unislim to thank for her dramatic weight loss. In November of 2013, after a visit to her doctor, Carol Ann was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. She was also informed that her kidneys were starting to fail.

Aged just 47 and with a young family to look after, Carol Ann decided she had to act promptly.

"I have four sons and at the time had one grandchild and another on the way. I felt like my life was crashing around me and I was in fear of my life. Would I live to see them? What would my kids do without me? These are thoughts that went through my head.

"I myself had lost my mother at a young age, she was only 46, and died from a heart attack, caused by high cholesterol. My father was a diabetic and was in a coma and on kidney dialysis for three weeks before he passed. My future was looking anything but good."

She joined Unislim in Bray and hasn't looked back since.

Carol Ann Curley from Roundwood with a picture of herself before she lost an amazing 13 stone and four pounds in 15 months
Carol Ann Curley from Roundwood with a picture of herself before she lost an amazing 13 stone and four pounds in 15 months

"My biggest fear was that they wouldn't have a weighing scale that could hold my weight but the leader assured me not to worry. We just clicked. I was weighed and a plan was devised to help me lose weight."

In February of last year Carol Ann reached her target weight, having lost a total of 13 stone 4 lb in just 15 months.

In April she won the title of 'Most Inspirational Unislim Member 2015.'

While some find shedding the pounds difficult and isolating, Carol Ann is full of praise for the team effort and family atmosphere she encountered during her struggle.

"I have made friends for life. It is a great help to be surrounded by people who understand what you are going through.

"I was never the most confident of people but I still managed to reach my target weight, mainly thanks to all the support I received."

Now that Carol Ann is 'living the life I only ever dreamt of', she herself has started running Unislim classes in Wicklow town and Ashford to help others with their weight loss goals. She can be contacted on (085) 1157830 if anyone would like to find out more.

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