Tuesday 20 February 2018

Irish Nutritionist on Khloe Kardashian’s 6 litres of water each day: ‘For the average woman it’s way too much and could damage your body’

Khloe told her Instagram followers that she drinks 5L - 6L of water each day. Photo: Instagram @KhloeKardashian
Khloe told her Instagram followers that she drinks 5L - 6L of water each day. Photo: Instagram @KhloeKardashian
Khloe told her Instagram followers that she drinks 5L - 6L of water each day. Photo: Instagram @KhloeKardashian
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

A leading Irish nutritionist has said that Khloe Kardashian’s 6 litres of water per day routine is “too much” for the average woman in Ireland and could pose a significant danger to the body.

Irish consultant nutritionist Gaye Godkin revealed that too much water could affect the body’s electrolyte balance by flushing out minerals such as sodium and potassium needed for the body’s blood chemistry, muscle action and other natural processes.

“How much water you should drink depends on a number of factors including the level of activity you are doing, the temperature, how much you are sweating and also your sodium intake," she said.

“Although it’s good to keep hydrated and drink water throughout the day, if you drink too much there is a danger it could interfere with the body’s electrolyte balance and affect the levels of sodium and potassium in the body.

“5L or 6L is a huge amount of water and, on a broad spectrum, is too much for the average woman working in an office in Ireland,” she said.

“If Khloe is drinking this much water in a healthy capacity, she must be sweating a lot and working at a high activity level for several hours each day.”

The nutritionist revealed that drinking too much water could interfere with blood pressure and many of the body’s natural processes.

“Sodium for example is regulated by a hormone in the kidney which can be affected by drinking too much water. The kidney forms part of the sodium regulatory pathways.  A hormone called aldosterone is responsible for the retention of sodium to regulate blood pressure," Gaye said.

Last week Kardashian revealed that she consumes between 5L and 6L of water each day to maintain her weight and “gain better health”.

“My water tip of the day. I try to consume about 5 to 6 L of water a day (based off of my body weight and how much I workout this number was given to me by a nutritionist). Of course, this does not happen every single day but the point is I try,” Khloe told her Instagram followers.

Gaye recommends that the average Irish woman drink 2L to 3L of water each day which will keep you hydrated and healthy.

“2L or 3L each day is healthy and it’s important for your body not to gulp large quantities down in one go, but to regularly drink throughout the day,” she said.

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