Tuesday 20 March 2018

Irish family who underwent seven kidney transplants “played the World Cup and won” says top surgeon

The Murphy Family, Mahon, Lia and baby Colm, Jack, Sile, Sean and Bob . Picture Conor McCabe Photography.
The Murphy Family, Mahon, Lia and baby Colm, Jack, Sile, Sean and Bob . Picture Conor McCabe Photography.
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An Irish family who have undergone seven kidney transplants since 1984 are nothing short of a miracle according to a top transplant surgeon.

Throughout the past two decades members of the Murphy Family have been the recipients of seven kidneys due to a rare hereditary disorder MPGN (Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis). Transplant surgeon David Hickey said: “They have played the World Cup and won.”

Mum Sile Murphy has seen her husband, sister-in-law and three of her four children undergo kidney transplants throughout the last twenty years.

“It is impossible to thank all who have contributed to our well being but a special thanks to our organ donors,” said Sile speaking on The Late Late Show.

The family’s first experience with transplant surgery was in 1984 when Sean Murphy donated a kidney to his son Bob before any of the family members were diagnosed with MPGN.

Throughout his life Bob, now 42, has had three transplants, the first from his father and the second from a deceased donor. Bob’s most recent transplant came in 2014 when his brother Mahon, who does not suffer from the disease, donated a kidney to his critically ill brother.

Lia Murphy and baby Colm. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.
Lia Murphy and baby Colm. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

After donating his kidney to Bob, Dad Sean discovered that he too had MPGN and underwent a kidney transplant in 2004 from a deceased donor.

Meanwhile, Sile and Sean’s children Jack and Lia have also undergone kidney transplants from deceased donors in recent years as well as Sean’s sister Nuala Dunford who received a kidney in 2014.

Despite the trauma that has come with the multiple surgeries carried out throughout the last twenty years, Sile revealed that 2014 was one of the happiest for the Murphy Family.

Sile’s son Bob married his wife Diana in January 2014 and last September her daughter Lia welcomed her first child Colm Patrick Rooney.

“We can hardly believe all the good things that have happened in our family in 2014,” said Sile.

“Christmas 2014 was the first year in a decade than not one member of our family was undergoing dialysis treatment and we can now look forward to a bright future.”

Speaking of the family’s story, Transplant Surgeon David Hickey said it is miraculous.

“Ye have just played in the World Cup and won,” he said.

Mum Sile stressed the importance of Organ Donation and thanked the Irish Kidney Association for their support throughout the years.

“Prof. Peter Conlon has been with us through the difficult times and has made all the crucial decisions which got us to this point today so our very sincere thanks to him. He always sees light at the end of the tunnel,” said Sile.

“We wish to thank all our friends and family for the support, prayers and good wishes which have kept us going through the tough times.”

“We are very grateful to Irish Kidney Association for its support down through the years and providing us with free accommodation at its Renal Support Centre located on the grounds of Beaumont Hospital,” she said.

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