Tuesday 12 December 2017

How many calories are there in full-fat foods?


Butter (100g) = 82.2g fat; 717 calories

2 medium eggs (uncooked, 100g) = 11.2g fat; 143 calories

Full-fat milk (whole average, 100g) = 3.9g fat; 66 calories

Semi-skimmed milk (average, 100g) = 1.7g fat; 50 calories 


Cheddar (100g) = 34.9g fat; 410 calories

Brie (outer rind removed, 100g) = 24.0g fat; 296 calories

Mozzarella (fresh, 100g) = 20.3g fat; 275 calories


Salmon (raw, 100g) = 11g fat; 208 calories

Tuna (canned in brine, drained, 100g) = 0.6g fat; 113 calories

Cod (raw, 100g) = 0.7g fat; 82 calories

Meat and poultry

Lamb (shoulder, raw, 100g) = 20.2g fat; 248 calories

Steak (raw, 100g) = 10.1g fat; 174 calories

Chicken (raw light meat, 100g) = 1.1g fat; 106 calories

Brazil nuts (100g) = 68.2g fat; 687 calories

Cashew nuts (roasted and salted, 100g) = 50.9g fat; 612 calories

Peanuts (plain, 100g) = 46g fat; 592 calories

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