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Ciara Geraghty - My Health: I'm saintly on weekdays

My Health

Ciara Geraghty
Ciara Geraghty

Ciara Geraghty

I'm good during the week but I indulge a little at the weekends, says Dublin author Ciara Geraghty, who confesses to a weakness for Millionaire Slices, roast chicken and sausages and rashers

DO YOU consider yourself to have a healthy lifestyle?

Turning 44 tends to focus the mind, in terms of health and lifestyle.

I certainly have a healthier lifestyle than I used to have.

Do you exercise regularly?

I am a fair-weather runner, I swim once a week and I walk the beach as often as I can.

Do you do it willingly or begrudgingly?

Sometimes willingly, sometimes begrudgingly. But I love the way I feel afterwards, with the endorphins flowing although I'm not mad about the way I look, with my face glowing like a beef tomato.

What time do you go to bed?

Depends what's happening. Sometimes I go early but then I read into the wee hours. Sometimes I go late and I'm asleep in seconds. Shall we say sometime between 10pm and 2am? Ish ...

What time do you get up in the morning?

7.30am weekdays. Weekends, it depends on what's on but if I were let, I'd lay in bed till lunchtime ...

What do you have for breakfast?

Porridge & brown bread (weekdays; positively saintly). The weekends are a different matter.

I have a weakness for sausages and rashers and eggs and brown sauce and Brennan's white pan.

My daughter Sadhbh sometimes makes pancakes with Nutella on Sundays. I like those. A lot.


Working from home has a disadvantage and that is lunch. No more chicken pesto and roasted pepper paninis or fresh deli soups. Now it's whatever's in the fridge which is often not much after the locusts (my children) have ransacked it that morning.

A scrambled egg and toast represents a good lunch day. More often than not, it's a humble banana sandwich.


My daughter, Grace would eat spaghetti Bolognese every night if she could so there's a fair bit of that going on.

My favourite family dinner is roast chicken. I enjoy cooking dinner when there's lots of time and the radio is on and I have the kitchen to myself.

Cooking weekday dinners is like bootcamp: gruelling and relentless.

Any snacks?

That's a rhetorical question, right? Of course I snack! Eg, it's 10.30am and I've just had a Millionaire Slice with my cup of tea.

I made them yesterday for my son's 13th birthday.

My mother always baked them for our birthdays and some traditions must be carried on, especially when they involve shortbread on the bottom, caramel in the middle and chocolate on top.

Do you take any supplements?

I'm really good at buying vitamins and fish-oil whatsits and taking them for a couple of days and then completely forgetting about them and finding them, a year later, at the back of a cupboard, out of date.

How much water do you drink?

I have great intentions when it comes to water consumption – and many other things. I'm a great tea drinker though. I wish tea was good for you.

Do you have a skincare routine?

I moisturise my face twice a day and I nearly always take off my make-up after a night out.

Any allergies?

I think I may be allergic to ageing. I keep getting these lines across my face...

Any vices?

Of course.

If I could change one thing about my lifestyle it would be ...

I'm in the throes of giving up smoking (haven't had one in six weeks!) but I've tried and failed many times so I'm not overly optimistic although I will persist in my endeavours.

If I could though, I'd go back to that moment in second year at the Christmas disco and say NO! instead of YES and reaching for that sodden butt that was doing the rounds in the girls' toilets of Manor House school in Raheny ... .

  • 'Now That I've Found You' is published by Hachette Ireland.

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