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Brave Molly surprised with goldfish after six weeks of isolated cancer treatment


Molly McNally

Molly McNally

Molly McNally.

Molly McNally.


Molly McNally

Little Molly McNally is back home again after six weeks of cancer treatment in an isolation unit.

The brave six-year-old got a nice surprise arriving back in Balbriggan, north Dublin when she was greeted by her first goldfish on the kitchen table. She has christened her Chloe.

The inspirational little girl had undergone a bone marrow transplant which was a key part of her treatment and is doing well.

Her dad Gerry told the Herald that the entire family are thrilled she is back home. He and his wife Emma had been maintaining a vigil by Molly's bedside in Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin.

"She is glad to be home. She was in there six weeks and a day. That was a long time.

"The 43 days in isolation in the same room is not easy on a child," he said.

Just himself and Emma were in her room, apart from staff, to minimise the chance of Molly picking up an infection. She underwent 17 rounds of chemotherapy in the week after she entered the hospital on January 25. But she finally got to leave hospital a week ago.

"It was tough going. In the six weeks there was a week or more where she wasn't well at all. But she came through it, fair play to her. She is feeling good," said Gerry.

Molly is now visiting the hospital twice a week to monitor her blood counts. With the bone marrow transplant, Molly has cleared a massive hurdle, says her dad.

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