Saturday 24 March 2018

#13Weekstil30: Vicki Notaro - 'I simply refuse to feel fat as a fool come January'

Vicki Notaro is on a mission to get slim on time for her 30th birthday
Vicki Notaro is on a mission to get slim on time for her 30th birthday
Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro

So Christmas is here, and with it the “sure feck it” attitude everyone adopts around food and drink at this time of year.

Not only are we “allowed” eat everything in sight, it’s actively encouraged. But not me, not this year. I simply refuse to feel fat as a fool come January, and dive headlong in to a starvation or elimination diet.

When I started this column, I knew full well it would take me through the Christmas period and was intended to keep me on the straight and narrow – as much as one can stay on course in December. So far, I’m doing well. Yes, I’ve been going out for festive drinks and indulging in the odd canapé, but I’ve resisted buying any tins of chocolate or biscuits, avoided late night takeaways and stuck to whiskey, soda water and lime instead of deliciously sugary Christmassy concoctions. By this point normally, my jeans are already too tight, but I’m too full of sugar and salt to imagine life any other way. This year, it’s refreshing to fit in to my nice tops and dresses that little bit better.

My personal trainer Mairead took my measurements today, and although my weight is hanging around the 78kg mark (only down 2.5kg since week one), I’ve lost a couple of inches from my waist and hips, an inch from each arm and thigh and my calves are smaller too. My body fat is also down to 39.5% from 41.5%. However I want to get down to 73kg and 35% body fat by my birthday on January 22nd, so come December 27th the sneaky treats, and constant eating out will have to stop if I’m going to reach my target. 

I’ve told Santa not to dare leave any confectionary in my stocking, and I’m conscious of my carb consumption. But right now, it’s Christmas. Come Thursday, I’ll be putting my feet up with a glass or six of mulled wine and dreaming about the feast to come on Friday. It’s not Christmas in my house without potato croquettes, stuffing balls and those little sausages wrapped in bacon…

If my diet hasn’t been consistent, at least my exercise has been - although my dastardly knee injury has flared up over the past week. Old tendon and ligament damage rears its ugly head when I over-exert my legs, but unfortunately training hard calls for exertion and it’s hard to know when you’re injured or just feeling sore. Some over-zealous squats and lunges mean that this week I’ve to stick to upper body exercises while I rest my knee, and I need to see a physio as soon as the festive period allows. I won’t be thwarted though – some hydroriding swimming and straight-leg weight-lifting over Christmas should help with the rehabilitation.

And yes, I’ll be exercising over Christmas. Gone are the days of couch-surfing from December 24th until everyone heads back to work in January – my gym is only closed for two days, I’m scheduled in with Mairead on the 29th and we’ll be taking measurements yet again to make sure I’m still on course!

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone – enjoy yourselves, give yourself a break (remember two days of splurging won’t make you fat, the same way two days of dieting won’t make you thin). Just climb back on the horse (or should that be reindeer?) again right after! HO HO HO!

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