Healer cured my mystery illness, claims Flatley

Ralph Riegel

MICHAEL Flatley has attributed his remarkable recovery from a mystery virus that had plagued him for three years to an energy healer.

The dancer claimed that Michael O'Doherty's treatment was nothing short of astonishing -- and he is now able to train and dance properly for the first time since 2006.

Almost three years ago, Flatley was rushed to a London hospital after being struck with the mystery virus on the eve of the European tour of his show 'Celtic Tiger'.

Despite a battery of tests and scans in the London Clinic, one of Europe's leading private hospitals, doctors were unable to clarify precisely what virus has struck down the dancer.

Doctors described the illness as a systemic or whole body infection and ordered the dancer to undertake weeks of complete rest.

The entire 'Celtic Tiger' tour -- which had sold out shows throughout Europe -- had to be cancelled as a result.


Flatley was left plagued with symptoms ranging from acute lethargy to joint and muscular pain, which failed to clear up despite months of rest.

"Conventional medicine failed to cure me from my mysterious virus.

"And then, by chance, I met a young man from Ireland called Michael O'Doherty who works on the body's energy," Flatley told the Irish Independent.

"When he came to visit me in Ireland, I could barely get out of the chair.

"He saw me for about an hour and I walked for about a mile afterwards, which was the first time in a year that I'd been able to do that.

"He visited me about 10 times afterwards and, now, I feel really good. Great, in fact. I can dance at speed and I'm close to 100pc fit again," he said.

Flatley's recovery has been so dramatic that he has been able to take part in US celebrity dance TV shows and has resumed his strict daily training regime.

Friends admitted that the dancer -- whose wife, Niamh, gave birth to the couple's first child, Michael St James, in 2007 -- is now close to recapturing the health he enjoyed before he was struck with the virus.

Based in Ennis, the Plexus Bio-Energy Clinic was established by Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin in 1988.

The treatment works by integrating a network of powerful and effective healing techniques -- all with the aim of rebalancing a person's life energy.

The Irish men developed and refined a healing system which has roots tracing back centuries to both the Balkans and the Far East.

Flatley isn't the only celebrity to have tried Plexus, with Clare hurlers Liam Doyle and Anthony Daly having also used the system for the treatment of sports injuries.