Wednesday 17 January 2018

Happiness upgrade… Accept compliments and favours

Marianne Power

Kate Northrup reckons that the people who are in a mess financially are the same people who won't let friends shout dinner or who won't accept a compliment.

According to the author of Money, A Love Story, the world is all about give and take, and you have to be open to receiving lovely things that come your way.

If you aren't able to accept a compliment or a coffee, the chances are you are also not good at receiving other things that come your way, such as offers of extra work or money.

It all sounds like typically Irish behaviour, but according to Kate, it's a sign that you don't think highly enough of yourself to think that you deserve money - which means you are not likely to ask for a pay rise or promotion.

You have to learn to be open to good things coming your way. So, did I mention that you are looking very good today? And would you like a coffee? Maybe you could go nuts and let me buy you a cake too?

* Marianne Power is the author of

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