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Thursday 21 November 2019

Hangover survival tips

Steak or pizza could help you avoid a hangover
Steak or pizza could help you avoid a hangover

Diet drinks may help if you're counting calories, but not if you're trying to avoid a hangover. Research suggests that having fruits, fruit juices, or other sugar-containing liquids can make for a less intense hangover.

Eating at bedtime after you're already drunk is also no help. Food has to be in your stomach before Happy Hour to have any impact.

Second, although any food can slow down how fast your body absorbs alcohol, fat does it best. So go for steak or pizza before your first martini, and you might escape a hangover. One bedtime tip that does help - drink water to fight dehydration. While a nightcap may help you doze off more quickly, too much undermines the quality of your sleep. You don't spend as much time in REM cycles and you tend to wake up too soon.

If you've been drinking heavily, a hangover might strike in the last part of the night, leaving you too uncomfortable to get back to sleep.

More alcohol in the morning does nothing but postpone a hangover. The worst symptoms hit when blood-alcohol levels drop to zero. If you have a drink at breakfast, this moment will just come later in the day.

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