Saturday 16 November 2019

Gossip while you wait

Gossip magazines often disappear from surgeries
Gossip magazines often disappear from surgeries

Ever wondered why your GP's waiting room has so many old magazines? It seems patients go home with the new ones, and they are often the cheapest.

A study in the British Medical Journal showed one GP practice did a test, putting out old and new magazines. A total of 87 magazines were stacked into three mixed piles.

After 31 days, 41 of the 87 magazines had disappeared - a rate of 1.32 each day. Current magazines were more likely to go missing than older ones.

Gossipy magazines were over 14 times more likely to be taken. Of the 19 serious magazines (four Time magazines and 15 of the Economist), none had disappeared by the end of the study. Of the 27 gossipy magazines, only one was left.

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