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Monday 19 August 2019

Getting your body clock back on track

It's important to maintain a regular sleeping pattern.
It's important to maintain a regular sleeping pattern.

Working late night shifts can have a huge impact on your biological clock and sleeping habits.

Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern is vital for good health. If your work schedule is affecting your body clock, here are a few tips to get you back on track:

• Aim for at least four hours' sleep at the same time each night (eg 3am-7am) to keep your body clock regular

• Try foods such as banana or lettuce which contain natural substances to help you sleep

• Avoid caffeine, large meals or strenuous exercise in the three to four hours before going to bed

• Use the weekend or 'off' days to get some extra recovery sleep

• Create the right bedroom environment. Try blackout curtains and double glazing to eliminate daylight and noise

• Invest in a mattress which will provide the comfort and support your body needs to give you the best chance of getting sound, quality sleep

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