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your 15-minute fat burner

In this week's workout, we are really going to concentrate on a strong core and abs. I've often said your core is like the foundation of a house, and a weak core, just like weak foundations, will mean everything built on top will be flimsy.

Let's start with scissor kicks. These are great, but make sure that your lower back does not arch during the exercise, because this can put it under pressure.

After that, we have side bridges, which are great for working into the obliques. Just ensure that your hips and shoulders are in a straight line when starting.

Next up is the Spiderman push-up, which I find to be one of the most effective core and oblique exercises, especially when used along with other abdominal exercises. Make sure to get a good press-up in and to keep your butt down at the same time. It's challenging but well worth getting right.

Finally there is the jack knife, which is another great way to work the obliques, especially after the Spiderman push-up.

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