Saturday 17 March 2018

You can get the Victoria's Secret body too

Gillian Fitzpatrick training in BodyByrne. Photo: Ronan Lang
Gillian Fitzpatrick training in BodyByrne. Photo: Ronan Lang

I've been there myself -- pounding the pavements in the hope of shedding pounds, and then getting frustrated when the results are less than impressive.

"The biggest error women make is spending hours on the treadmill or stepper," Amanda Kelly, a trainer at the BodyByrne gym in Dublin's city centre tells me. "This will not give you that model look!

"If aerobic exercise is not supplemented or combined with resistance training (lifting weights) then fat loss is going to be very difficult."

Amanda, who has a sports science degree from DCU as well as a masters in strength and conditioning from the University of Edinburgh, takes me through five key exercises at the BodyByrne gym, so that I can achieve my best ever shape in 2014.

Goblet Squat: Working quads, hamstrings and glutes

This will tone thighs, hips and bums. Amanda hands me a 7kg dumbbell -- to make it more difficult.

My feet are shoulder width apart, I bend my knees and gradually lower my bum towards the ground, keeping my feet firmly in place. I repeat this 12 times.

Chest press on stability ball: Working chest triceps and core

I sit on a stability ball and walk my feet forward until only my shoulders and neck are supported by the ball.

The rest of my body is straight, my knees bent at a 90-degree angle so that my feet are flat on the ground.

With one 5kg dumbbell in each hand positioned at my arm pit, I begin the chest press -- pushing the weights towards the ceiling until my arms are stretched above me. I then bring them back down to the starting position, and repeat this 12 times.

Renegade Row: Working back, biceps and core

This I found really difficult! Two 5kg dumbbells are placed on the ground and I hold on to them by getting into a traditional push-up position.

Starting with my right arm, I bend my elbow and pull the weight towards my chest before putting it back down on the ground. Each arm gets 12 reps.

Front shoulder raise: Working shoulders

Standing tall with my feet shoulder width apart, I hold two 3kg dumbbells in my hands, my palms facing inwards. I then raise my arms until they are parallel to the floor.

Again, I complete 12 reps.

Bicep curl: Working biceps

Using two 5kg dumbbells, I hold the weights by my sides, my palms facing forward.

I then bring the weights slowly towards my chest before lowering them back down to the starting position. I repeat this 12 times, ensuring that my elbows remain firmly against the sides of my body.

Plank on stability ball: Working core

For Victoria's Secret abs, I lie my chest across the stability ball and walk forwards with my hands until the ball in at my knees.

I then raise my bum to the ceiling, bending my knees so that the ball rolls towards my chest. I repeat 12 times.

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