Sunday 18 March 2018

Woman shows honest reality of 9st weight loss in viral photos

Image: jordaan_spark_/Instagram
Image: jordaan_spark_/Instagram Newsdesk Newsdesk

A woman who lost over 9st in weight has shown the honest reality of what weight loss can do to your body.

Jordaan Kirkham, from Texas, shared a photo to Instagram of her excess skin since losing weight.

"Guess what?! If you lose over 130lbs more than likely you're going to have loose skin," she wrote.

"And that is ok! I would much rather carry around a a couple extra pounds of skin vs. hundreds of pounds of fat! For every rude person who wants to say something, you can donate money for my excess skin removal surgery so that I can be what you think is beautiful."

Jordaan also shared a photo of her husband lifting her in a pool, and highlighted that her loose skin isn't the most important thing in the image.

"The excess skin is real, but that's what you get when you've lost 130lbs. Anyways, this post isn't about my skin, it's about the fact that my husband can pick me up! Hot damn."

The photo has gained over 48,700 likes since it was posted, with hundreds of Jordaan's 20k followers praising her honesty about the less glamorous side of weight loss.

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