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Why reading about your favourite celebs can be bad for you

The pressures for women to look fabulously thin and chic all the time and never age may be costing women more than money, it is costing them their identity, according to Life Coach Anna Aparicio, a self-esteem and confidence expert.

More and more women of all ages and backgrounds are looking for help as a result of not being able to cope with the pressures of it all, feeling unhappy, frustrated, confused, and like they are not good enough.

“Women are trying to emulate today’s “role models”, but they just can’t keep up; Cheryl Cole’s body, Victoria Beckham’s outfits, Jennifer Aniston’s hair, JLo’s face… these women’s jobs may involve looking “perfect”, whatever perfect means, but thankfully ours isn’t” says Anna.

There is nothing wrong with women wanting to maximise their strong points and enhance their assets, but it seems too many women out there are trying too hard to be someone else, someone they are not.

As for finding happiness in the pages of gossip magazines, or watching programs about teenage models or celebs’ lives Ann believes that all that does is make you waste time and money, and chip off at your self-esteem as a result of ridiculous comparisons.

Anna’s “How To Boost Your Self-esteem & Be More Confident” seminar for women takes place on April 28th at Dublin’s Stillorgan Park hotel.

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