Saturday 16 December 2017

What dreams can mean: Your deepest hopes and fears

Your Teeth Are Falling Out

This indicates a lack of confidence. Our teeth fall out when we are children, so a dream in which you lose your molars suggests you are feeling unable to stand up for yourself.

You are Naked in Public

You are feeling vulnerable. Perhaps you have started a new job or are in a new relationship. If, in your dream, nobody notices you are naked then everyone else has confidence in your abilities. The only person lacking in belief is you.

You Haven't Studied for an Exam

You are standing back and taking a long, hard look at your life and your ability to measure up. People who have this dream tend to be very self-critical and tending towards perfectionist.

You are In Pain

If you dream that you are in agony then perhaps you are being too hard on yourself and holding yourself responsible for something that was actually beyond your control.

You're Falling Off A Roof

Your unconscious is telling you to let go. You are turning into a bit of a control freak and need to chill out and let events -- as represented by gravity -- take their course.

You are Walking Barefoot

You may have self-esteem issues. Walking barefoot is associated with poverty and lack of social mobility. Under the surface you fear you have progressed above your station and worry you may be revealed as a fraud.

You are Being Chased

This is an anxiety dream. You may have financial difficulties or your relationship might be in trouble. Or the pursuer may represent some part of yourself about which you feel uncomfortable.

It may be your sense of jealousy or your temper. Secretly you are struggling to keep this baser instinct under control -- but fear it may have the upper hand.

You've Gone To Another Country

If you dream that you are overseas, you might be concerned about chaos and unbalance in your current life situation.

You Can't Breathe

You are trapped in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you are unhappy at work. Maybe you are in a dead-end relationship but are unwilling to face the fact.

You are Being Pursued By a Monster

The monster may represent some 'ugly' aspect of your personality. By trying to confront the monster in your dream you may be able to understand what it represents.

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