Friday 6 December 2019

Walk this way for your best return to exercise

Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Question: I have to admit, I hate the gym but, as everyone seemed to be jogging and getting results, I decided to give it a go.

I never took to it, as my knees suffer. I ended up injuring myself and had to leave it for a while. I am ready to get exercising again, as I enjoy it, but hate the thought of going to the gym. Can you advise what is the best exercise for me, as I really need to tone up as well.

Answer: IF YOU hate something, the chances are you won't keep it up, so I would recommend not going back to the gym. The key to any longterm exercise programme is finding something you enjoy. You love walking, so that's where we should start and let's take it from there.

Fast walking is fantastic as it's easy on the joints and will work all body parts. The key is walking fast enough; aim to walk four miles or 6.4 km in an hour, working hard enough so that you're out of breath but still able to hold a conversation. It's called a talk test and is the best way to measure your work rates.

The key to getting results with your walking, is changing it up. You need to change your route, speed, distance, stride or basically anything at all.

The body reacts to change, so change things as much as possible.

Walking alone though won't give you the toning results you want. You need to add some resistance exercises, even something as simple as bench press ups or tricep dips.

Even doing some exercises before or after the walk will yield results.

If you want some simple exercises you can do at home, look at the operation transformation website which is free and live all year round. It will show you how to properly do simple resistance exercises.

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