Tuesday 12 December 2017

Three of the best all-rounder exercises for your body

V up 1
V up 1
V up 2
Spiderman 1
Spiderman 2
Reverse lunge 1
Reverse lunge 2

Siobhan Byrne

With any exercise we will be looking at good form, working as many body parts as possible.

I have chosen three exercises which will do this.

The reverse lunge is a great exercise for legs and glutes and especially for stability around the core and trunk.

This exercise can also be developed on by starting on a step and reverse lunging back or adding weights if you were in a gym environment as you get stronger.

V up is a great exercise for core and abs and also for stabilisation. Remember that working your abs alone wont give you a lean midriff, it's only through diet and exercise you will obtain this.

The other exercise I have chosen is spiderman.

This is a great multi joint exercise bringing in chest, core, obliques and shoulder strength. It is important to get this exercise right and ensure perfect form throughout to maximise results and minimise injury risk.

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds before you move on to the next 
exercise and repeat. This completes one round. Perform a minimum of three rounds.

Helpful tips

Use a mirror to look at your form. Once correct form is achieved you will achieve the benefits from your workouts.


V up

1/ Start by sitting with your legs off the floor and your arms supporting you behind.

2/ Then bring your legs towards your chest and at the same time move your upper body forwards..

 Slowly go back to the starting position, keeping the tummy tight.



1/ Start in the top position of a push-up with your arms straight then bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor while at the same time bending one knee and bringing it to your elbow with your foot off the floor.

2/ Push back up to the top position and repeat with opposite leg.


Reverse Lunge

1/ Stand upright with your arms straight by your sides.

2/ Take a step backward, dropping your back knee to the floor and leaning your torso slightly forward with your weight on your front leg.

3/ Push off your front foot to return to the start position.

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