Monday 23 October 2017

The year to get fit: The best new health and wellbeing trends

Looking for a fitness overhaul for 2014? Read our guide to the top ten new trends

Get your fitness sorted with this year's top ten trends (Photo posed)
Get your fitness sorted with this year's top ten trends (Photo posed)
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

2014 is the year to get fit and there are plenty of new health and wellbeing trends to get you started.

Grab your juicer and join the flexitarians... we've got this year's top ten fitness ideas sorted.


1. Bone broth

Add this to your list of superfoods. Bone broth is jam-packed with minerals and healthy fats and they also promote good digestive health.

2. Echium oil

Overtaking omega-3 in the oils category, studies have claimed echium oil has an even bigger impact on your heart health.

3. Juicing

Turn your health and fitness around with a juice detox. Although the three-day detox doesn't suit everyone, consider replacing one meal a day with a healthy vegetable-full juice. You'll see the results straightaway.

4. Body balance

Everybody's talking about the metabolic balance diet. Using an analysis of blood sugar, cholesterol and enzymes, this diet is catered to individuals and balances the body. It also halts yo-yo dieting and ensures a steady weight loss.

5. Flexitarianism

Flexitarianism is the new ‘-ism’. It’s a vegetarian diet for most of the time, interrupted by meat for the odd occasion. There is not set rule – you might only eat meat once a week, once a month or once in every few months. If you do cut meat from your diet, be sure to supplement it with other protein foods like eggs.

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1. Animal flow

Cross out Zumba and Pilates on your calendar, Animal Flow is a mix of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira and a body-weight workout. Throw in a spot of gymnastics and some dancing and you've got 2014's new hottest fitness craze.

2. Steel-bells

Move over kettle-bells, the steel-bells are in town. Increase your core-strength by using these neoprene steel-shot-filled bags.

3. App fitness

Plenty of us will get fit through technology this coming year. Health and fitness are hopping onto the app and video-game bandwagon and fast. Furthermore, it will allow you to share your fitness achievements on social media.

4. Hybrid workout

It’s never just the one workout anymore, that’s just too simple. Keep it hybrid – team weights with a spinning session, yoga with boxing, swimming with aerobics.

5. Skinny Bitch Collective

‘The what?’, asks you. Laura Whitmore is the latest to sign up to the celebrity fitness fad. Run by personal trainer Russell Bateman in London, the super-gym classes involved strutting down a 100-metre catwalk with 5kg weights over your head. We’re counting down the days until the ‘SBC’ comes to this side of the Irish Sea. 

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