Saturday 16 December 2017

The seven-day work-out for perfect abs

'Exercises alone won't get you the ripped six pack that you want," warns Siobhan Byrne, top trainer at BodyByrne Fitness.

"Abs are made in the kitchen with a good diet vital to get rid of the body fat around the midriff."

Nor should those hoping for the perfect midriff concentrate on just tummy exercises.

"Its impossible to spot reduce," says Siobhan.

"A consistent full-body workout, like the one I suggest here, is the best way to a flat tum."


Stability Ball Pelvic Tilt Crunch

Grab a 5 or 10lb medicine ball and lie face up on a stability ball with back and head pressed into it and feet together on the floor. Hold the medicine ball to the chest while you crunch up until your shoulders are off the stability ball then extend arms up, reaching the medicine ball to the ceiling. Do 15 reps, three times.

Walk the Plank and Rotate

Get in the plank position with your hands on a step. With your weight on your left arm rotate your body while raising your right arm to the ceiling. Repeat on the left, 15 reps x 3.

Arm Pull over Straight Leg Crunch

Grab a pair of 10-12lb dumbbells and lie on your back with arms behind your head. Extend legs at 45 degree angle to floor and lift shoulders off the matt while raising legs to 90 degrees. 15 reps x 3.


Cardio -- 15 minutes interval training to burn bodyfat, walking one minute then running.


The Matrix

Kneel on the floor holding a 5-10lb medicine ball against the abs. Lean back and use the core to slowly return to the first position.

15 reps x 3

Nose to Knee Crunch

Get in a plank position on a stability ball, then draw your right knee up towards your chest. Hold and repeat on left.

15 reps x 3


Cardio as before


Pike Oblique Roll

Get in a plank position with your shins hip width apart on a stability ball and hands shoulder width apart on the floor. Keeping feet on the ball, draw your right knee to your right shoulder and return to centre. Repeat on left. 15reps x 3

Hyper Extension Rear Leg Raise

Rest your hips and stomach on a stability ball. Straighten legs and extend arms out like you're flying. Lift right leg 6ins off the ground; then repeat on left.


Cardio as before



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