Thursday 19 September 2019

The Real Health Podcast: ‘He just got under my skin... the next night I broke his nose’ - Bernard Dunne built his boxing career on self-belief

Karl Henry pictured with Bernard Dunne
Karl Henry pictured with Bernard Dunne
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Aged six, Bernard Dunne sat on Barry McGuigan's knee and told McGuigan that someday he too would be like him.  Twenty-three years later Bernard Dunne became a world boxing champion and proved his skill, determination and focus to achieve.

Ten years on from that magical moment, he joins me on the Real Health podcast to talk about the power of self-belief and never letting the negative thoughts in your head control you.

He also discusses his role as High Performance Director for Irish boxing with the goal of being the number one High Performance team in the world as we approach the 2020 Olympic Games.

"It’s all about preparation, being ready and enjoying what you do," he tells me.  "It’s about making the right choices.  Sometimes we sabotage ourselves because of a fear of what we can achieve, whether it’s going for an Olympic medal or running a 5km race."

“If you’re trying to reset anything in your life, these negative thoughts are only fleeting. And you know what, sometimes you do get knocked down.  But one setback doesn’t mean you give up.  Don’t let the voice that wants to take the easy road control you.”

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