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The one-day detox

Twenty-four hours to a better bod? Master herbalist Niamh Fitzgerald of The Hydro Clinic in Dublin reveals the insider's detox that will jump-start your system for 2011 in just one day.

Take that, fat!

What you'll need:

  • 64oz organic unfiltered apple juice
  • 64oz water
  • 16oz organic prune juice
  • Lepicol powder (fibre)
  • Lamberts MagAsorb (magnesium supplement)
  • Loose-leaf organic nettle tea (optional)

"The idea behind this one-day detox is to cleanse the bowels and lymphatic system so you can start afresh. It's a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle and can be repeated monthly on a long-term basis.

"My whole family do this detox from time to time and love it! However, it's not suitable for people with bowel, liver or kidney disease or diabetes -- so if you've got any medical conditions, check with your doctor before doing any kind of detox.

"Stop eating by 8pm the night before and take one teaspoon of Lepicol in 8oz (a glass) of water with four Lamberts MagAsorb tablets an hour before bed.

"It's best to stay home while you detox as you may feel cold, weak or headachy -- these are normal cleansing symptoms. On the day of the detox, drink 16 oz of prune juice (a natural laxative) at 8am.

"Then, starting from 9am, drink 8oz of apple juice (which cleanses blood) every hour on the hour up to 4pm.

"The juice should be almost chewed rather than gulped down to avoid bloating. In between juices, drink 8oz of water every hour on the half hour up to 4.30pm.

"If you get hungry, eat an apple, raw salad or stewed root vegetables no later than 6pm and drink nettle tea as required.

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"Finally, an hour before bed take the same Lepicol and Lamberts MagAsorb solution as the previous night. Get to bed early and sleep like a baby -- you'll wake up feeling lighter both physically and mentally!"

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