Friday 19 July 2019

The final push is now on in order to reach your goal

Yvonne Hogan and Siobhan Byrne
Yvonne Hogan and Siobhan Byrne

Yvonne Hogan

Fourteen days and counting to the end of our 100FITdays challenge. I am nearly at my goal weight - I have about 2kg to go, so I am hoping that I will shift that in the next two weeks. Your exercises this week are quite challenging, plus we have two new bonus workouts for you to do on you cardio days. These are incredibly challenging - I struggle to do them, but just do your best and work hard.

It isn't about achieving perfection, it is about effort expended. Just make sure you are doing each exercise correctly. Watch the video a few times before you start. You can find the videos on the website. if you are signed up for the newsletter, you will already have recieved your first one!

This is a lot of exercising - but as it is only for two weeks, you will be grand. Normally, with this intensity of exercise you would take two rest days. In my normal life I would work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and maybe do one set of sprints at the weekend.

What I won't miss after the next two weeks, is taking pictures of my food. Although it did really help me stay on track and recognise that I wasn't always eating enough, or getting enough variety in my diet.

There are loads of good books out there with healthy recipes, and another one released this week is perfect for 100FITdays. It is called Naked Paleo: Food Stripped Bare and it is by Galway trainer Pat Divilly. He is a Paleo advocate and this book explains the concept very well. It is full of nutrition advice and some delicious recipes, three of which you will see below.

You can have as much of the chicken dish as you like, but be cautious with the delicious pancakes and ice cream. Maybe, since it is the second last week, you could have them at your cheat meal. No harm to be extra good in the last weeks.

As always, any questions or comments email or tweet us, and keep sending those recipes in.

Naked Paleo: Food Stripped Bare, €19.95, is published by Blackwater Press and is available in Easons and all major book shops.


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