Friday 13 December 2019

The best app of the week: All-in-one fitness tool


Argus: iPhone, free

Ever wanted to know exactly what you have been doing from one end of the day to the other without having to constantly jot things down in your fitness and food diaries?

Well ARGUS is an all-in-one fitness app that is willing to do all of the hard work for you. It contains a host of data-recording properties that include a pedometer, an active calorie counter, GPS mapping of your running, cycling and driving routes on each individual day, a food diary at your fingertip with food photo snapping, helping to set daily step, sleep and hydration goals, while it also has the capacity to monitor sleep cycles, keep track of your daily coffee and tea intake, and an instant fitness option giving ideas for your home workouts.

With peak summer and holiday season fast approaching, ARGUS might just be that little, much-needed reminder in moments of weakness as it constantly encourages you to think about how much you are moving and the quality of the food you are eating.

Available as a free download, it is a perfect tool for anyone struggling to keep track of their workouts, sleep or the quality and quantity of food they are consuming.

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