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TBM: The new therapy that will put a spring in your step

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Library image. Photo: Getty Images

Morag Maxwell

WE ALL wish for optimum health. It’s the most important gift we can give ourselves; everything nicely balanced and in working order. And yes, it is possible and achievable through a gentle and non-evasive therapy.

TBM (Total Body Modification) is a practice that locates a specific area or bodily organ which is not functioning to 100 per cent capacity, thus restoring the nervous and energy systems. Complete health and wellbeing are restored as a result, leaving you clicking those heels and bouncing through life with abundant energy and a happy mind.

In a nutshell, ‘the power that made the body has the ability to heal the body’. Self-regeneration can literally work wonders for your overall health. So yes, life does indeed heal.

It all began approximately 30 years ago in the U.S. when three chiropractors and kinesiologists - Dr Victor Frank, Dr Robert Riddler and the late Dr C. Harold Halvic - found ways of accessing the body’s own healing potential through the reflex points used in Applied Kinesiology, and also using trigger points and acupuncture techniques.

These practitioners believed that nature herself has the cure for all diseases - and developed a method of natural care that can benefit all. A new and exciting phase in complementary healthcare had begun.

So, what exactly is TBM? Total Body Modification stimulates the body to correct and heal itself. Gentle muscle testing discovers and establishes any blockages or imbalances within the body.

Problem areas are tapped along points in the spine which are linked to short circuits in the body’s bio-electrical system.

Your body often gives you clues when something is wrong. TBM practitioners believe the body’s functions are controlled by a biological computer, with TBM having the ability to tap into this clever, internal computer system.

Spine tapping realigns and reprogrammes your system. Disease develops if these programmes are running too quickly or slowly, so TBM regulates the energy balance.

There are numerous benefits to TBM. It’s effective in the treatment of allergies, arthritis, joint pain, back problems, colic in babies, colds and flu, balances blood pressure, treats viruses and can lead to increased vitality and improved digestion.

It can also balance sugar levels and treat the symptoms of chronic fatigue. And TBM can even help to clear up emotional blockages, strengthen the immune system, improve memory and increase fertility levels.

It can improve the functioning of all body organs and encourages and assists the detoxification process.

A popular form of therapy in Hollywood, actors who’ve used TBM to assist remembering their lines include Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ben Affleck, Jim Carey and Nicholas Cage.

An initial consultation will take between 60 to 90 minutes and the therapy is suitable for both adults and children. And, believe it or not, TBM compliments all other therapies, including veterinary medicine. It can assist a horse’s recovery in a chronic or emergency situation. It soothes emotional unrest and assists the animal to recover from injury and illness. It’s a useful therapy to treat damaged tendons, muscle soreness and nervousness.

Essentially, this functional physiology involves correcting and adjusting how the body is working at a particular time. Research is on-going as to the effectiveness and successes of TBM.

Interestingly, the practice has discovered that both men and women go through major monthly hormonal changes which can greatly affect the body’s balance and energy systems. One American allergist noted that it improved patients’ allergy symptoms by up to 95 per cent - something not to be sneezed at.

For a list of TBM practitioners near you, log on to www.tbmireland. ie.

You’ll be going about your days with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye as you take the road to optimum wellbeing. And what could be better than that?


Central philosophy: The power that made the body can correct it.

Correct functioning of the nervous system is crucial to optimum health. Kinesiology or muscle testing is used to decipher and heal health issues. Reflex points are tapped on the spine which work the same as fixing a blown fuse. �

TMB improves neurological functions; memory, concentration and thinking. �

It also boosts immune system against bacteria, parasites and viruses, colds and flus �It clears allergies (chemical, food, medication, airborne and contact allergens). �

It�is excellent in treating arthritic, back, neck, muscular and joint pain. �

It treats chronic fatigue and an assist you to clear emotional issues and pain from the past by rebalancing the hormonal system in both men and women. � TMB, the whole-body holistic view to health, is suitable for adults, children and horses. �

See to find a therapist near you.

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