Tuesday 21 May 2019

Still recovering from Storm Emma? How to get back in action after a week stuck indoors

Tale of the tape: Measure your waist
Tale of the tape: Measure your waist
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

What a week that was. Seven days of weather chaos - snow, rain, winds and everything else threw the country into an extended couch and duvet day.

Supermarkets and shops were emptied of food and drinks and there was very little exercise done, so this week I thought I would bring you the ultimate guide to getting yourself back on track. No matter how bad your food was, how many sliced pans you went through or what you drank, today is time for the line in the snow - time to get your health goals restarted and refocused.

It is meant to be spring now after all, and it's a great time to get healthy and get fit, especially after the week that was.

So cut out today's column, place it on your fridge and work your way through these super simple tips.

Spring clean those presses

With all of the media warnings, people went food-shopping crazy! Stocking up on absolutely everything in sight in the shops, chances are these may not always have been the healthiest of products. Being housebound meant you were so much more tempted to eat them. The crucial first tip is to take a large box. Next, go through your fridge and your presses, and fill it with all of the products you know aren't good for you. Now, the hardest part: give the box away.

Restock healthy

Now that the presses are cleared out, it's time to restock them with all the food that is good for you. Get that food shop done, put the healthy foods in place and watch how much easier it is to get the results you're looking for.

Sign up for an event

From March onwards, there is a huge increase in the amount of events you can train for. Events make staying motivated so much easier, giving you something to work towards and focus on. Ideally, pick something new that you have never done before - it makes it exciting and fun.

Write it down

Ok, so if you are really struggling to get back on track, then you need to write it down. Using a food diary and a training log is so simple but also so effective, you will very quickly realise what you're doing right and wrong. Review it at the end of the week and then make the changes from there.

Start small and build it up

Sometimes it's the enormity of the sessions ahead that can put you off and scare you, so why not take the fear out of it and start small. Just get something done, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, one set of your workout or something like that. Just take it easy - the aim is to get your routine back on track and then build it up from there.

Buddy up

It can sometimes be hard to do it on your own, especially when the weather is bad or when you're stuck in a rut, so why not buddy up with some friends, form a WhatsApp group, set a goal as a group and you will be surprised at what happens when you work together. Teamwork will always lead to great results.


Ok, so you're not going to like this one, but no matter how bad you have been, measuring some part of your health may just be the shocker you need. Doing a weigh-in, a time trial or waistline measure may just be the kick-start you need to get back on track. If you read my column on a regular basis, you will know that I am all about the measurements - it's a great way to ensure you stay focused and driven and you achieve the goals you want.

Set your treat meal in place!

Aiming to be angelic by never eating the unhealthy food is not going to last. So set a treat meal in place and just work towards that day, knowing you can have it guilt free and enjoy it. The 80/20 rule is always the way to go when it comes to health: that is, being good most of the time and indulging in the odd treat.

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