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Six tips to help when choosing an exercise class


Classes can be a great way to get fit and get healthy with a group. Picture posed

Classes can be a great way to get fit and get healthy with a group. Picture posed

Classes can be a great way to get fit and get healthy with a group. Picture posed

Well done on making the big decision to start exercising! Classes can be a great way to get fit and get healthy with a group, that will help keep you motivated throughout the darker nights.

Here are tips to point you in the right direction:


When you get qualified as an instructor, you must get your insurance before you start training anyone. Different policies will have different terms and conditions. My own says that I can't work with more than 30 people for a class.

Class size

This, I feel, is one of the most important elements. No matter how good you are as a teacher, if you have a big group you can't give everyone attention. As a participant, it's the attention you want, as this means you are doing things correctly. So look for smaller classes.


The second most important thing in finding a good class is who is taking it. Do they look fit? Is their physique one you would like? Are they friendly or a bully? Are they giving individual advice to each person in the class or just doing their own workout? Are they qualified? How long have they been teaching? All of these questions are things you should be asking yourself.

Class physique

Now here is the surprising point. Different exercise styles will give you a different result in terms of physique and the results that you get. Kettlebells and trx will give you more of an athletic look, weights and bootcamp tend to give you more of a toned look. There are many different factors that will affect the results you get, but that's a pretty good guide. When you go in the class, look around you at the physique of the people who have been there a long time, how do they look? Is their physique one you would like yourself? If not, then this isn't the class for you.

Can you try one for free?

We allow potential members to try our classes in our gym for free as we are confident in our product and the fact that the classes are really good. So, if you are interested in a class, you should ask to try it out before you pay, then you will be able to see exactly what type of class it is, what the instructor is like and if you like it or not.

First Aid

Another important point is whether or not the instructor has a first aid qualification. The basic fitness qualifications do not have first aid as part of the course, so instructors need to do another course to get it. We also have to renew our first aid qualification every two to three years. In the industry we are in, it is obvious that we will have to deal with sprains, strains, fainting and various other injuries at some stage, so check if the instructor for the class has a first aid certificate. Also, it is no harm to ask if they have a defibrillator on site too.

I am thinking of joining a group exercise class but am unsure what to look for when choosing one. I was wondering if you had any tips on what to look for?

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