Thursday 22 February 2018

Six of the worst: what some of our favourite dishes add up to

'Two eggs, two rashers, two sausages' . . . the nation's favourite breakfast washed down with a sugary cup of tea tots up to a heart-stopping 1,200 calories, according to the VHI.

Lower-cal alternative: a toasted bagel with cream cheese clocks in at around 350 calories.

Sunday roast

It's been voted Ireland's favourite dish, but with creamy mashed potato, slabs of roast beef and vegetables swimming in gravy, the traditional Sunday roast typically packs 800 calories.

Lower-cal alternative: stir-frying the beef and broccoli for your Sunday lunch instead slashes its calorie content to just 300.

Red wine

A standard 5oz glass of the country's most popular red wine, Australian Shiraz, contains around 125 calories -- however most of us glug 8oz (or 200 calories) per glass at home.

Lower-cal alternative: White zinfandel -- also known as pink wine -- is the lowest calorie vino available at around 100 per glass.

Curry chips

There are over 700 calories lurking in this post-pub staple -- and even more in the latest chip van concoction, curry chips with cheese.

Lower-cal alternative: simply holding the curry sauce can reduce the damage by up to 150 calories.

Irish Independent

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