Saturday 24 March 2018

Siobhan Byrne: Strength Training Workout

Overhead Lunge
Overhead Lunge
Pull-through Plank
Shoulder Swing Jump

Siobhan Byrne

OVERHEAD LUNGE - 1. Start by standing upright, holding kettlebells overhead with your arms straight.

2. Take a step forward into lunge position, dropping your back knee towards the ground. Then push off your front foot to return to start position.


1. Start in push-up position with the kettlebell to the outside of one arm.

2. Reach your opposite hand under the body and grab the kettlebell.

3. Lift the kettlebell to your opposite side.

* Keep your body in plank position at all times and repeat on opposite side.


1. Start in a squat position, holding a kettlebell in your hands at the front of your body between your legs.

2. Thrust your hips forward, swinging the kettlebell up to shoulder height, and jump.

* Land gently, returning the kettlebell and your body to start position.

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