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Shape up with spa treatments

Can you beautify your way to a better bod? Well, not quite -- but with a new healthy lifestyle, these spa treatments certainly can't hurt. That's our excuse anyway!

Seaweed bath Stuffed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, seaweed is renowned for improving the condition of skin and hair, boosting the metabolism and even busting cellulite. Try the legendary Voya Seaweed Baths in Sligo.


Sauna Melt flab away the lazy way. "Using the sauna for 10-15 minutes will heat the body, increase circulation and dilate blood vessels," explains Kellie Ann Hayden, spa manager at The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt.

"Next, we tell spa clients to rub ice chippings all over the body to jump-start the lymph nodes. Finally, use the steam room to sweat out toxins from the body, before cooling down again with ice."


Massage Regular rub-downs boost blood flow and banish nasties that can get trapped between muscles from the body.

High tech anti-cellulite treatment Endermologie, which works by massaging the skin, can reputedly even get rid of the orange peel skin that plagues celebs like Jerry Hall for good.


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