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Running tips for beginners

IF you've never run any particular distance before, here are my tips to get up and running:


First things first -- get the right pair of runners. Go to any reputable sports shop and get gait analysis, which will determine which shoe is right for you. This is imperative if you want to run with minimal injuries.


If you have never run before, start by walking. Yes, it might sound simple, but you must be able to walk before you run.


Commit to three workouts a week. This is the minimum required to progress from walking to running safely.


You must have a goal. Without this you have no focus and you will most likely give up during those bad days. Pencil in a 5k race, giving yourself time to get to that goal. Stick to the plan and keep the end in sight. That is what everyone who trains does. Whether it be a race, a dress, or an event, we all need a direction to follow.


Find a programme that suits you. There are many couch-to-5k programmes online that are perfect for beginners. Pick one and stick to it. Gradually increase your distance on each run. For example, start with 30 seconds walk, 30 seconds run, increase this to 45 seconds, one minute and so on. Try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Never give up: that feeling of regret is worse than being out of breath.

Run safely

Ensure you warm up and cool down before and after your run. Stretching is also very important, especially after your workout.


It may seem crazy, but it's natural when you are exerting yourself to hold your breath. Don't do this! Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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