Tuesday 21 November 2017

Reducing processed foods will get rid of that muffin top

Karl Henry: have a varied and balanced approach to your life.
Karl Henry: have a varied and balanced approach to your life.

Karl Henry

I am in my early thirties and over the last year have put on weight despite not changing my exercise routine, what can I do?

Karl replies: In your 30s your metabolism slows down, life can get in the way and it is incredibly frustrating when the extra weight begins to appear. Let's look at what happens in your 30's:

• Your metabolism slows down so you burn less calories during the day

• Your career becomes your focus and you sit more, work more and forget about yourself

• Your lean muscle tissue is reducing and your fat mass is naturally increasing

• You are already exercising, which is great but if you do the same exercise over and over again, you won't get the results you want. To get the best results from your training and help offset the signs of ageing, you need to ensure you are doing the following:

• Changing your exercise routine as often as possible

• Ensure that no matter what exercise you do, you work hard enough to get out of breath

• Measure your progress and ensure the training you are doing is giving you the desired results

• Get involved in an exercise group as you will tend to work harder in a group that you will on your own.

Those simple points will help to ensure that you are getting the most from your exercise. But what other reasons are there to exercise in your 30s?

• You will speed up your metabolism

• You will reduce the effects of S.A.D.
and P.M.T.

• You will increase your energy and work more productively

• You will improve your sleep patterns

The other aspect to the middle-age spread that you need to focus on, is your diet. You need to eat cleaner, healthier and more greens. Simple as that. By reducing processed foods, reducing sugar in your diet, increasing your water intake, your lean protein intake and your intake of all vegetables - especially the green ones - you will notice a big change in that muffin top within a short space of time.

Sugar is the enemy. Not fat, sugar. Most of the processed foods that you eat are laced with sugar or aspartame, which is causing the muffin top around your waist. So begin to look at the sugar content on the labels of the foods you are eating, and reduce this down. You will notice that real unprocessed foods are lower in sugar than man made foods.

Don't worry, I am not saying that you have to be good all the time. One day a week, have your treat meal and enjoy it. This creates a long-term approach as you aren't just trying to cut out everything for ever more, you are being good 80pc of the time and having a treat at the weekend.

Life is for living and you need to have a varied and balanced approach to it. Short term diets will do nothing but increase your visceral fat in the long run so take a life long approach for life long health.

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