Friday 18 October 2019

Real Health Podcast: Would you go vegan? Holly White tells us why we should

Journalist and blogger, Holly White with Karl Henry
Journalist and blogger, Holly White with Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Is the vegan lifestyle for you?  It’s not just about food but about how you are living your life and how it’s impacting animals in the process.  For journalist and blogger, Holly White, she became vegan four years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Holly joins me on this week's podcast to discuss the vegan lifestyle and to give some practical tips and recipe advice for those interested in becoming vegan.

For Holly it means  a diet with no eggs, no meat, no dairy, but she says, the vegan diet doesn't have to be one of extremes or difficult to embrace.

Even if you're not committed to becoming a vegan, Holly definitely has some great recipes and healthy eating advice that we can all take on-board, including using ingredients such as lentils or tofu in ways that we hadn't considered before.

For more from Holly, check out and her new book, 'Vegan-ish', is out now.

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