Monday 19 August 2019

Real Health Podcast with the Happy Pear: 'If you embrace life, a grey manky day suddenly becomes more'

Karl Henry

Karl Henry

It all began with a veg shop in Greystones, and what started as a simple dream has, over the last fifteen years, become an overnight success story with books, cafes, TV shows, online courses, and of course, their food products.

The Happy Pears are one of Ireland's great health and food business successes and on this week's show, Stephen and David Flynn, join me to tell me how it happened.

Their energy and positivity is infectious - 'If you embrace life, a grey manky day suddenly becomes more and you start seeing the sun coming out' - but they also go deep to talk about purpose, dealing with fame and getting a work-life balance.

Plus, listen in for their top five tips for healthy living, and only one is to do with food!

The Real Health podcast with Karl Henry in association with Laya Healthcare.

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