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Real Health Podcast: 'Timing and volume is different but the foods that we should eat are all the same' - lessons from Leinster Rugby


As Leinster Rugby look to add a record-breaking fifth European Cup to their trophy cabinet, it’s an exciting time to be involved with the club and from a health and fitness perspective, I wanted to find out some of the tips and insights into what makes them one of true greats on the European scene.

Joining me on the show from Leinster Rugby HQ were Performance Nutritionist, Daniel Davey, and Cillian Reardon, Senior Athletic Performance Coach, who reveal what training and nutrition is like for professional rugby players.

But the key take-away is the fact that, while the players' intensity and volume is different, the principles around food intake and training are still the same for the average person who exercises and keeps fit.

“There is nothing out of the ordinary,” says Daniel Davey. “Yes the timing and volume is different but the foods that we should eat are all the same. Nutrition, lifestyle, exercise are all about good behaviour and establishing good habits.”

Likewise, says Cillian Reardon, to be fit and in good shape, you need to be strong in all your planes of movement.

“The principles of training are pretty much the same but just applied in a different context.”

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