Wednesday 21 August 2019

Real Health Podcast: The top 10 tips for losing weight I've learned in all my years of personal training

Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

If you're looking to lose some weight for the summer holidays or just want to feel better about your body, then this week's episode is for you as I give you the 10 REAL ways to lose weight.

Bringing you the benefit of all my years of experience in personal training, these tips really do work. I cover everything from muscle v fat, cardio training, calories, food planning, and how to avoid the training plateau.

Follow my ten tips and you will start to see a real difference to your weight and you'll be all set for the summer holidays!

Do let me know how you get on and keep sending your questions in to me via email or contact Karl on Twitter and Instagram @karlhenryPT.

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