Friday 18 October 2019

Real Health Podcast: The most common gym mistakes, and the stretches you should be able to do - Trainer Dominic Munnelly

Karl Henry and trainer Dominic Munnelly
Karl Henry and trainer Dominic Munnelly
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Personal trainer, Dominic Munnelly, is back to answer more of your fitness and gym questions on this week’s episode of the Real Health podcast with me Karl Henry.

Dominic is one of Ireland’s leading personal trainers and when he was on the show two months ago he had so much information to give I had to invite him back on again and to answer more of your health and fitness questions.

Dominic covers the importance of mobility, strength and conditioning in that order but also says that mental health trumps physical health every time, so make sure you’re also living a balanced life in terms of food, sleep and stress.

Plus, what are some of the most common mistakes being made by the average gym goer?

Dominic answers your questions about fat loss and the truth behind calorie reduction whilst exercising and again emphasises lifestyle first and foremost.

“We’re looking for the smartest way to train in the most sustainable manner that is true today and will still be true in five years’ time,” he explains.

Dominic also opens up about going out on his own (‘burning your ship’) and building up his training business in the early years, to revealing what his favourite treat meals and snacks are.

It’s a fascinating thirty minutes that you will get a huge amount of information and learning from.

Keep sending your questions in to me via email or contact Karl on Twitter and Instagram @karlhenryPT.

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