Tuesday 25 June 2019

Real Health podcast: 'The main thing is to pursue your own dreams' - Marty Morrissey shares some valuable life lessons

Marty Morrissey
Marty Morrissey
Marty Morrissey.
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Marty Morrissey is one of Ireland’s best-loved TV personalities but there’s so much more to the GAA commentator that you probably never knew.

Marty joined me live at Bloom 2019 where we discussed going outside your comfort zone, taking on life’s challenges and why it’s so difficult for him to find a happy life-balance.

Candidly, he admitted that he still needed to lose three stone and why, having lost friends close to him through illness, he wants to keep on embracing life and trying new things.

It’s Marty Morrissey, open and honest on the challenges of life that we all encounter and want to overcome.

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