Monday 22 July 2019

Real Health Podcast: 'The fitness industry is failing people... here's what people need to do' - Leading personal trainer Dominic Munnelly

Dominic Munnelly and Karl Henry
Dominic Munnelly and Karl Henry
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Dominic Munnelly is one of Ireland’s leading personal trainers with twenty years’ experience and a philosophy rooted in the athletic over the aesthetic focused on mobility and movement over abs and muscle.

I wanted to find out more from Dominic to get some of his training tips for more effective results and we covered everything from exercises to diet and nutrition, supplements and agility.

“It’s about consistency over intensity. Fresh is the new fit,” he tells me.

Dominic is also very outspoken on what he sees as some of the issues around the fitness industry.

“The fitness industry has never been stronger, more gyms, more trainers yet obesity rates are going up and up.  I think the fitness industry is failing people.  How is it failing I ask myself?”

But he is a mine of information and expertise and in fact, Dominic has so much to tell us that I’ve invited him back on the show in a few weeks’ time to answer more of your health and fitness questions so if you want Dominic to answer anything from the personal trainer side of things then get in touch via email, Twitter or Instagram @karlhenryPT.

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