Saturday 20 July 2019

Real Health Podcast: Stop fearing food – common food and nutrition myths debunked with Orla Walsh

Karl Henry

Karl Henry

It's time to stop fearing food says dietitian, Orla Walsh, on this week's show. She debunks common food myths that people have and provides some invaluable experience for confused parents and fussy eaters.

“People are fearing food, thinking they have to cut out food,” she warns.  “But food is what keeps you slim and keeps you healthy.  Unfortunately people have food myths so ingrained that it’s making them sick.”

Learn other great food and nutrition tips from one of Ireland’s leading experts, including:

  • Portion distortion, and why you need to cut down on sizes
  • Telly-belly time, and why more screen time = bigger waistline
  • The 10/20 rule for mindful eating

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