Tuesday 23 July 2019

Real Health Podcast: Personal finance editor Charlie Weston's top tips on achieving financial health to make your life better

Personal finance expert Charlie Weston, left, joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Personal finance expert Charlie Weston, left, joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

It’s already February and many of you may still be finding yourself stretched after Christmas, so this week on the Real Health podcast, we’re going off in a bit of a different direction - we decided to tackle financial health for this week’s episode. 

I truly believe that it’s crucial to tackle and destress your finances and that can make every other part of your life better.

After all, what good is physical and mental health if you’re worrying about paying the bills and having savings? 

We’ve got just the man to take us through some of the top tips for tackling your finances in 2019: Charlie Weston, Personal Finance Editor of the Irish Independent, joins me on this week’s show with his eight tips to financial health in 2019.

Charlie’s tips include:

• Drawing up a monthly budget

• Dealing with the credit card

• Switching energy and phone provider

• Reviewing monthly payments

• Taking advantage of tax reliefs owing

• Making energy-saving measures

“There’s nothing worse than worrying late at night about your finances and debt, but you’re not alone,” he tells me.  “A lot of people are still struggling, especially at this time of year, and little changes can make a difference.”

Keep sending your questions in to me via email realhealth@independent.ie or contact Karl on Twitter and Instagram @karlhenryPT.

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