Sunday 20 October 2019

Real Health Podcast: 'My instinct was to say I am not getting weighed like a heifer on the television' - RTE's Claire Byrne on the metabolic age test

Claire Byrne joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Claire Byrne joins Karl Henry on the Real Health Podcast
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

RTE’s Claire Byrne joins me on this week’s episode of the Real Health podcast as we discuss the nerve-wracking decision to take the metabolic age test live on national TV, why she forces herself to keep trying new things, and how she struggles to fit running and fitness in with her busy family and work life.

“The only exercise I’m doing now is lifting children,” she tells me.  “And my self-criticism is completely justified – I’m frustrated at my own laziness.  I think I need someone shouting at me!”

Claire also reveals that she follows the Michael Mosley 5:2 plan where you eat normally for five days and then restrict yourself to 500-600 calories for each of the other two days.

“The real benefit is the next day when you feel clean and it really helps with controlling your weight,” she admits.  “Being overweight annoys me and I don’t like it.  It’s a really do-able plan and even my husband does it as well.”

Claire also opens up about the pressures of being in the spotlight and working on live TV and radio and why she is her own worst critic but will always look to face up to her fears.

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