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Monday 22 July 2019

Real Health Podcast: Mindset and performance tips from a Riverdance star

Padraic Moyles performing with Maria Buffini in Riverdance
Padraic Moyles performing with Maria Buffini in Riverdance
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Irish dancing wasn’t something that he wanted do, but after being made do it by his mother whilst growing up in New York, Padraic Moyles’ talent and determination to succeed were key to his future life and career.

He went on to perform over 5,500 times for Riverdance and I wanted to find out the physical and mental training needed to succeed at such a high level for so long, performing eight shows a week for over three hundred days of the year.

And if you think you’re fit, you’ll never guess what Padraic’s resting heart rate was – see if yours is as low as his as Padraic tells the story of the worried physician in LA.

Padraic also places an emphasis on the mental part of his training too and it’s something we can all learn from.

“The mind is just as important as the body,” he says.

Padraic’s mindset, and it’s one to be adopting for your own training as well as work and personal life, is about a conscious effort to always improve and be better.  Embrace competition and face it head-on as well as getting help and advice to achieve your goals.

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