Tuesday 17 September 2019

Real Health Podcast: Meet the husband and wife who lost 12 stone together and how you can do it too

Karl Henry

Karl Henry

Rob and Yvonne Cullen were a married couple who each hit 19 and 14 stone respectively, even though they regarded themselves as healthy eaters. But when running to play with the kids was even becoming difficult, they decided enough was enough.

Rob and Yvonne tell Karl how they lost over twelve stone between them and brought health and fitness back into their - and their kids' - lives.  It wasn't through gimmicks or extreme measures but a conscious approach to healthy food and being active.

“Let food be your medicine,” says Rob. “And keep going back to why you started in first place. For me it was to be able to play and run with my boys.  Keep reminding yourself of the reason why and you’ll stay disciplined.  Plus, if you can find a partner to do it with you, it’s so much easier.”

“As a mother with two boys, it’s about educating them about the right food choices,” says Yvonne.  “I’d be upset if they were in a position where their health was being compromised and if it was my fault.  I wanted my kids to see the healthier side of us.”

Now Rob is 12 stone and Yvonne is 9 stone and they tell Karl that if they can do it anyone can.  Theirs is a story of real health to inspire anyone listening

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