Monday 19 August 2019

Real Health Podcast: Johnny Sexton exclusive - "You get nervous, you get butterflies, you think, why do I do this?'"

Karl Henry with this week's guest Johnny Sexton
Karl Henry with this week's guest Johnny Sexton
Karl Henry

Karl Henry

He’s the World Rugby Player of the Year, a multiple European Cup, Pro14 and Six Nations winner and Johnny Sexton joins me on this week’s Real Health podcast from the Laya City Spectacular that was recently held in Dublin’s Merrion Square.

Johnny talks to me about his down-time and off-season, as well as the return to pre-season training in preparation for what will be the biggest of years with the Rugby World Cup looming.

He’s open and honest about the difficulties of training at this time of the year and if pros like Johnny find it tough, maybe don’t be so hard on yourself when your own fitness and training don’t live up to expectations?

“I hate the fitness but I love it when I get it done,” he tells me. “You get nervous, you get butterflies, you think, ‘why do I do this?’”

Johnny also talks about his competitiveness and will to win, the importance of a work ethic and persistence, and why mindfulness is encouraged in the Irish rugby camp and is so important especially in his position.

Following on from our Brian O’Driscoll interview a few weeks ago I’m sure you’ll pick up some great insights and advice this week from one of Ireland’s top athletes.

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