Wednesday 16 October 2019

Real Health Podcast: 'It was like a damaged relationship - I'll never go back' - Woman loses 6 stone in 7 months

Trisha Lewis
Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis' story is one to inspire and this week I speak to the Cork woman about her weight loss, her health journey and ultimately taking responsibility for her life and her actions.

'I was so sick of trying everything and failing.  I was 26 stone and knew if I failed this time there was nowhere else to go for me,' she says. 'I don't look to the future, if I get through today without failing that's a success.  If you have weight, be honest with yourself and take ownership of it.'

Trisha has now lost six stone since February and hers is a story of honesty, inspiration and bravery.  And the best part of it all? 'Happiness and being confident walking down the street once again,' she says. 

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